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Stay safe this summer while still having fun with Babiators. ad

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We’ve been on Summer Vacation for about 2 weeks now, and the kids have spent most of the time outdoors. We are on the move more, but that means I also need to be more aware of safety hazards. So how do you stay safe in the summer, while still having fun? 

Stay safe this summer while still having fun with Babiators. ad #babiators

Did you know that kids will be outside receiving 3x more UV exposure than adults, but less than 30% of parents are protecting their children’s eyes? I admit, I fall into that 30% of parents. At least I did until Babiators contacted me with the facts. 

While it’s important to protect the whole families eyes, kids eyes are especially susceptible, since they are still developing. You can read the Vision Council’s 2015 Report for more facts on how UV rays affect our eyes. 

Protect Kids eyes with Babiators. ad #babiators

Obviously, we’re not going to stop heading outdoors, but we can do some simple things that will help us enjoy the summer, while still protecting our vision. We’re starting with finding sunglasses for the whole family. Mark has always worn them, but it’s never been something I worried about, which led to the kids never wearing them either. 

Stay Indoors between 2pm-4pm. UV Rays are at their peak during these hours. Enjoy the outdoors during the morning or evening to avoid the strongest UV Rays. 

Wear Sunglasses. When heading out in the sun, even on an overcast day, bring your sunglasses. Look for glasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. We love our Polarized Babiators. They protect but are also comfortable. The kids have been passing these around, but Lincoln has claimed them as his. 

Hang out in the sun with Babiators Sunglasses for kids. ad #babiators

Seek Shade. We just bought a Badminton set for some summer fun, but in order to use it, we’ve got to be out in the sun. For those not playing, and when the kids need a break from the game and hot summer sun, we’ve strung up a hammock under the apple tree. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing outdoors and protecting our skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Wear Sunscreen. Hopefully this is one we’re all doing already, but I can’t talk about UV protection without talking about sunscreen. Our eyes are important, but so is our skin. So make sure to cover any exposed skin. A sunburn on the face could also mean a sunburn on the eyes. I also recently learned from our emergency trip, that applying sunscreen will help reduce the scarring from Lincoln’s stitches.

Summer safety doesn't have to be a bore. Protect their eyes with Babiators. ad #babiators.

Stay Hydrated. Hot summer days, running around the yard and park will drain kids of liquids fast. Keep them hydrated so they have the energy to continue running and being kids. 

Take Babiators where ever you go this summer. ad #babiators

Where will you take Babiators this summer?

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