Help kids learn the details of Baseball before your next game outing with My First Book of Baseball
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Learn Baseball with Sports Illustrated for Kids + Book Bundle Giveaway

*I received these baseball books for review. All opinions are my own* I LOVE baseball. Whenever the weather was nice enough, my family would head out to the local diamond to throw some pitches, and run the bases. With 6 kids, 2 parents, and an aunt, uncle and grandma all living under one roof, we […]

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Salt Lake City Bees – Family Outing

I love baseball! I can’t begin to describe my passion for baseball.  So when a friend said she had some extra FREE tickets to the Salt Lake City Bees Game, I couldn’t pass it up.  She wasn’t kidding either, she gave me 8 free tickets.  So of course I called my friend C to see […]

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