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Prep your winter car emergency kit before bad weather hits. ad
DIY review

Winter Car Emergency Kit

This winter car emergency kit has been made possible by meori. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  With winter, comes the potential for an emergency situation where you are stuck in the car. From minor accidents like fender benders to larger ones such as sliding off a slippery road and getting stuck in a snowdrift. […]

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72 hour Emergency – Are you prepared?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to share my thoughts on emergency preparedness. As I continue to get my family prepared for any emergency, I will continue to share what we do here. 72 Hour Emergency Bags     A couple years ago my parents gifted Mark and I with an emergency essentials […]

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What to keep in a first aid kit

First Aid Kit

One thing every home needs is a first aid kit. How many times have you gone to grab a bandaid, only to find you used the last one, or you’re out of antibiotic creams?  I know it’s happened to me quite a bit. I suggest going through your first aid kit about once a month, and […]

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