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These 5 tips will help prepare your home for the winter

5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

Before winter hits, there are some things you should do to prepare your home and family for the colder weather. These 5 tips will guide you through some simple steps any home owner can take. From keeping the pipes from freezing, to removing unneeded clutter, I hope some of these will help you have a […]

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Fresh Cab Rodent repellent
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Keep Mice out!

*This post is sponsored by Fresh Cab. All opinions are my own*   There once was a grasshopper who didn’t save food for the winter. When the cold weather set in, he looked to the ants for food and shelter.    What does that have to do with mice you may ask?  Well, the weather […]

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Get these tips for organic pest control this summer.
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Organic Pest Control: A Guide for Protecting Your Home and Family This Summer

When people think of residential pest control, they often think of exterminators and their toxins. What some don’t realize is that many natural pest control options are available that are safer and more effective than the point-and-spray methods that promise quick fixes (but no long-term results). As you work through your spring and summer cleaning […]

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