Tuesday tip – Making time for Family

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One of the biggest things we can do to make sure our house feel like a home is to make time for family. Last week I decided I personally needed to take less time online and spend more time with my kids. I easily got distracted keeping up with online friends and family. I love my friends, and my family far away, but I needed to reprioritize this week, and spend more of it with the people right here. 
Here’s some tips for cutting back your online time

– Set a timer. Decide how much time you can spend online and set a timer. When it goes off, shut the computer down.

– Turn the computer off at night. In the morning, don’t turn it on. Get dressed, eat breakfast with your kids, do some household chores. By not having the computer on first thing in the morning, you’ll be less tempted to sit down “just for a minute to check on my friends”. We all know that minute turns into much longer.

– Plan! Find some events going on in your town, and get out of the house! Plan in advance, so you have a couple days of things to do. If nothing is happening, go for a walk, hit up the library, invite a friend over!

Since taking time off the worldwide web this weekend I’ve found myself happier, my kids enjoying more productive activities, and a better bond and communication between us. Here’s just some of the fun things we’ve done!

Had a family barbeque

Dressed up and played with Legos

Water Colered

And took a nap on Daddy.
So this week, slow down. Re-evaluate your time and reconnect with your family. Have a great week everyone!  I leave you with one of my favorite Mormon-Ad’s!

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  1. I hear you about the computer sucking your time away. I agree it is really important to do other things before you get on the web. Your sense of time can really get distorted when you are in cyberspace. A timer is a great idea. I use timers with my kids for transitions, it might be time to use one for myself.

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