Valentines Gifts for Each Love Language

Need a valentine's gift that speaks your loved ones love language? Try one of these ideas.

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Valentines Gifts for Each Love Language

Need a valentine's gift that speaks your loved ones love language? Try one of these ideas. Related Posts: Tips for a Successful Marriage
At Home Date Night

Ah, Valentine’s, the season for every store to sell out of heart-shaped boxes, and for every florist to scramble to find enough red roses. It’s the time when every jewelry store manipulates women into thinking that if they don’t get a diamond bracelet, they’re not truly loved.

Well, this year, disrupt the cliches. After all, who ever said that a holiday celebrating love should have a price tag attached? This holiday should be about showing that special someone in your life that you love them. And the truth is, that message will be best shared when you speak your significant other’s language… love language, that is.

Five Love Languages

Have you ever taken the love language quiz? The premise of it is that everyone has different ways that they show love, and different ways that they like to receive love. There are five love languages total, and only one of them is “gifts.” Only one of them is going to be answered by the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day.

There are a million good reasons to give a non-material gift for Valentine’s Day. It can be a good way to save money, or to give a great gift even if the store is overcrowded and understocked. And then there’s the fact that, to be honest, all of us have too much stuff. We don’t need a little stuffed bear. But most of all, going a route besides the rose-petal-strewn path to the mall is the best way to make your Valentine’s Day truly unique and special; a celebration of your one-in-a-million relationship.

So, I’ve put together a list of ideas below catered to each love language (besides gifts.) Hopefully it’ll get those creative juices flowing and help you decide on something tailor made that your sweetheart will never forget.

Quality Time

Valentines gifts that speak each love language

The key to quality time is undivided attention. That means one-on-one time where you are undistracted by text messages or emails from work. It means that talk is cheaper than a conversation heart and all the stuffed bears in the world can’t equal some good eye contact. If your Valentine responds best to quality time, consider doing something to make the night special for just the two of you. Here are some ideas:

  • Cook a meal at home and make sure that there are no distractions while you enjoy your candlelit meal for two.
  • Buy tickets for an event that you know your significant other will love, whether that’s a demolition derby, or an upcoming ballet.
  • Sign both of you up for an activity that’s new for you both, especially something that you know the other person really wants to try. That might be indoor skydiving, or perhaps something as random as trying out an isolation chamber.

Acts of Service

If your significant other appreciates acts of service, then you need to know that the key here is that you’re willing to work for them and lighten the burdens that they operate under. For example, a wife and mother cleaning up the house for her family is doing an act of service that demonstrates her love for her family. Very few husbands and children realize what a special gift it can be if they decide to take on that job themselves.

So, what’s an item that’s been sitting on your love’s to-do-list for weeks (months, even) because they just haven’t wanted to deal with it? Well, now’s your opportunity to show how much you love them by taking care of it for them.

  • Take care of their car. Perhaps they need some new tires. Or maybe it’s just time to take care of all those things that are necessary to prepare the car for springOr make it a date night to learn how to take care of the car.
  • Make their favorite dessert from scratch. Not quite sure what it is? Call up their mom. Moms always know.
  • Deep-clean the whole house, especially if it’s something that your Valentine usually does.
  • This list has some more ideas for special favors you can do.

Words of Affirmation

speak your valentines love language with these valentine's gifts.

Some people just need to hear it said out loud now and then in order to know that they are loved. If this is your sweetheart’s preferred love language, then you’re going to want to go into a little more detail than a trite “Be Mine.” Written or spoken, it’s time to share how you really feel, and there are plenty of unique ways to do so.

  • Write a love letter. If this feels outside of your wheelhouse, consider making a list of things that you love about your sweetheart. Or tell a story about how you met and fell for each other. Share something the other person hasn’t heard yet.
  • Instead of putting it all into one letter, consider sending a series of small, thoughtful notes throughout the day. Write out spirit-boosting compliments, jokes, and expressions of appreciation for what they do. You can send a few texts throughout the day, or leave a bunch of post-it notes throughout the house.
  • If communication is what feeds your relationship best, find a way to prompt some great conversations today. Prep with a list like this or make up your own.


I don’t think that touch is quite as neglected as some other love languages over Valentine’s Day. After all, what else would all that special lingerie be for? However, if your partner’s love language is touch, then it’s worth it to make things a little extra-special tonight. However, it doesn’t just have to be about sex. Communicating love through touch can come in many different forms.

  • Set up a special massage. Get that awesome peppermint foot lotion, or try out a hot stone massage.
  • Surprise your significant other with an enthusiastic hug and kiss every time you see them today.
  • Stay physically connected during conversations, reach out in small ways, and spend some time cuddling like you did when you first started dating.

Hopefully that gave you some ideas for thinking outside the heart-shaped box. Have you ever received a special gift that spoke straight to your love language? Share below!

Guest Author Christine Hill.

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