DIY Inside Out Family Costume

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Last weekend our church had their annual Trunk Or Treat. It was a lot of fun being that we’re in a new place again, which means new people to hang out with, and we could really show our stuff. About a month ago we decided that this year we’d try for a family themed costume again, and went with Inside Out.

It’s the only movie we saw in theaters this year, and with our girls growing up into little adults, and dealing with all kind of emotions, it was the perfect one to see! We had one problem though – there are only 5 emotions, and there are 6 of us. Feeling a bit spunky, I volunteered myself to dress as Bing Bong – Riley’s imaginary friend for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.

Guess what! Turns out besides a chili cook off, cornbread contest, and dessert contest – they also had a costume contest. I bet you see where this is going right? Mark entered the chili contest – no win. I entered the dessert contest – no win. We were automatically entered in the costume contest, and we WON. The kids emotions were all JOY when our names were read.

Joy’s Costume

Blue Hairspray – Target
Yellow Summerdress – Goodwill

Sadness’ Costume

Blue Hairspray – Target
Glasses – knocked out the lenses and spray painted blue – Party City
Oversized Blue sweatshirt – Goodwill
Blue Jeans and Sneakers – Closet

DIY Inside Out: Disgust Costume  

Disgust’s Costume

Green Hairspray – Target
Oversized Green nightgown – sewn into a skater style dress – Goodwill
Pink scarf – Goodwill
Green belt – Goodwill
Pink Shoes – Goodwill

Anger’s Costume

Red Hairspray – Party City
White shirt – closet
Red tie – homemade

Fear’s Costume

White shirt – closet
Sweater Vest – Goodwill
Purple Tie – homemade

 Bing Bong’s Costume

Bowler Hat – borrowed from a friend
Pink Dress – Goodwill
Purple Tie – homemade
Black Bolero – closet
Finger Gloves – Fingerless gloves
Paper Flower
Purple Tail – home sewn and held on with a large safety pin
Orange Leggings – Amazon 

There you have it! It took me a good month to assemble all the pieces. I made MANY trips to the Goodwill, and even checked out a couple different locations. The kids were thrilled and I had a blast – even if I was making ties I’ve never made before 2 hours before the party. 
What are you dressing up as this year? Have you seen Inside Out yet?

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