Knock Out Dad’s Honey-Do List

Give Dad the gift of relaxation and knock out his honey-do list for him. ad

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Fathers Day is tomorrow, but if you’re like me, finding the perfect present can be hard. Instead of a tangible gift this year, why not take care of the honey-do list yourself, and give Dad a break.

Give Dad the gift of relaxation and knock out his honey-do list for him. ad

There are certain things Mark loves, and nice appliances are one of them. As renters, we usually just deal with what we have, but on occasion we’ll update a faucet and suddenly the house feels more like our home. When we had the chance to update the kitchen faucet to a Pfirst Series Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, we were both pretty excited. 

We had the faucet, and I was waiting for a day that Mark had off to get it installed. After all, that’s what our husbands are supposed to do right? Home improvement is usually the majority of what is on their honey-do list. I remember when we first got married, Mark would tell me to make him a list, and I hated it! I didn’t see value in giving him a cliched “honey-do list” of things I was probably capable of doing myself. So rather than a honey-do list, I just made sure whenever there was a home improvement project we did it together.

Pfirst Series Pull-Down Faucet from Pfister is EASY to install! ad

It seemed many of our faucets always needed to be replaced. Often the cause was from a leak, but sometimes we replaced them purely for the visual aesthetics. That’s what our most recent update was. We had actually replaced this kitchen faucet when we moved in with a cheapo – and we got what we paid for – little water pressure, and a mixed up hot and cold because the plumbing was too short. 

With Pfister Faucets, you don’t get that. At least we didn’t. Mark’s day off came, and he was saying how he should probably get it installed. I thought for a moment, and then said “No! I want to install it!” Of course, I thought he’d help me, but I believe he was so exhausted from his 12 hour work days, he could trust me to install a faucet. After all, we had done it multiple times together in the past. 

What I love about these kinds of projects, is it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Pfister faucets come with easy to read directions, including pictures for the visual learners. I sent Mark to the couch and I started unpacking the sink cabinet. Out came an old towel to lay my head on, and a couple flashlights strategically placed for ease of viewing.  

In 1 hour, I had turned our boring kitchen sink into a little piece of art with an elegant featured piece. I only had to redo it once when I realized the large black tube in the box was the tool I had needed to tighten the extra large washer. When working with plumbing, I’ll tell you right now, it’s never a good idea to say “oh well, I guess finger tight is good enough”.

1 Faucet 2 Features. Stream or Spray with Pfirst Series Pull-Down Faucet from Pfister. ad

The thing that surprised me the most about our new faucet was the water pressure. The last one never had such a consistent amount of water, with the right pressure for me. The kids are completely fascinated by the dual feature, though. It’s only one faucet, but it also turns into your sprayer. Mark loves the new look as well, but he also appreciates that instead of working on his day off, he was able to take a nap instead. Cross that off the honey-do list!


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8 thoughts on “Knock Out Dad’s Honey-Do List

  1. I love this idea! Not only completing the “honey-do-list” but upgrading certain appliances and features in a rental. We rent an apartment and I know how much changing small fixtures can make a difference. We changed out our shower head not too long ago and it felt like a whole new bathroom and bathing experience, haha.

  2. What a great idea I really needed a nudge to cross some things off the list myself! A small change like this is just the way to get started, your faucet looks great!

  3. What a neat idea, thanks for sharing. I really never used the term Honey Do List, but my boyfriend started using it during our first month of dating. It really is a cute way to refer to a to do list for a spouse 🙂

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