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Write a letter to your tween before they become a teen! #ad #YoplaitGoBig

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Our babies grow so fast, don’t they? My oldest turned 10 this year, and is now considered a tween. I’ve tried avoiding thinking too much about it, but it’s the truth. Have you ever written a letter to your children? Why not take a moment and share with amazing tween how much you care.

Yoplait wants YOU to write a letter to your Tween

Write a letter to your tween before they become a teen! #ad #YoplaitGoBig

Dear Venice, 

I’m in awe at you this year. As my first child, I’ve had a lot of worries for you. Did I teach you enough in your younger years? Did I show enough love? Do you know no matter what just how much I love you?

Don’t mind me Venice, this is just your mom hoping she’s doing a good job. We’ve pulled you through a lot over your 10 years of life. I stopped counting the many moves we made. Every time, though, my thoughts and concerns were for you. Would you find new friends? Would the adjustment be short lived? 

Finally, we seem to have settled in one place. For the first time in your life you’re at the same school for a 2nd year in a row! For a long time I did my best to always keep something constant. So every where we moved we looked for a dance studio. Oh how I love seeing your face light up and your confidence grow as you dance. 

This year proved to be different though. We talked about dance, but then exciting flyers for school activities started coming home. 

4 grade choir – “Mom I want to join the choir” you told me. So I said OK.

Pup running – “Mom I want to run” you said again. I once again said OK. 

Spell Bowl – “Mom” I heard once more “I want to join the Spell Bowl”. This time, I hesitated a bit more, but eventually caved. Who was I to stand in the way of you trying anything your heart desired. 

My dear girl, you have surpassed what I thought you could handle, and inspired me to keep dreaming and doing. See Venice, I know how much you love your sleep. With 2 of your activities this fall being an early morning activity – I knew how hard it was going to be to get you up.

Faithfully you have pushed through. You get up 30 minutes early 2 mornings a week with me, and every time with a smile and full of excitement. I have seen you blossom this past year into a strong confident young woman. You even blew my mind as you sat down and taught yourself after 1 simple lesson, how to play the piano. 

Keep dreaming big Venice! I know that whatever you set your heart to, and take a passion for, will work out for you. 

With all my love, 

Your Mom

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Right now Yolpait is encouraging parents of tweens everywhere to share what makes them amazing on their facebook page. Yoplait® just released their new Go Big pouches for amazing tweens and teens who need something to fuel their adventures. 

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The Go Big pouch has been the perfect addition to Venice’s early morning activities. Made with real fruit and just a touch of sweetness, it’s easy to rip top is great for the mornings when I sleep in and we’re rushing her out the door. Like I said, she loves her sleep, so there is no time for a hot breakfast on those mornings. With the large grip & rip puch, it’s also more than just an on-the-go snack for her growing body, and gives her the energy to get through the rest of the day.

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Do you have an amazing Tween that’s crushing it?! Tell me all about them, and then don’t forget to share with other parents over on Yoplait!

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