5 Things to Watch Out for When Reading Mattress Reviews from Puffy

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5 Things to Watch Out for When Reading Mattress Reviews from Puffy

You probably have heard of different mattress brands; assuming you’re not the nature traveler who finds better nights at the boot of a car or in a sleeping bag. After having difficulty sleeping some years back and getting help through a great mattress, I started doing mattress reviews. And one particular brand stood out from the rest with hundreds of daily customers giving positive feedback; Puffy mattresses have been the go for quite a number of people for several years now.

In that light, I decided to enlighten especially as to what to look out for when going for a Puffy Mattress. But first, it’s crucial to know whom it’s best suited for before we even review it.

Puffy Best Suited for…

  • Although it’s worked for people with all kinds of sleeping positions, Puffy reviewed and found back and side sleepers benefitting most from it. This is in regard to its medium-level firmness.
  • If the traditional high-quality memory foam turns you on and gets your blood running, you should make that order right now.
  • You probably find it freakishly weird getting all sweaty all night. Worry no more; Puffy works for the cool
  • You don’t opt for a surface too soft or too firm. As mentioned, Puffy comes with a medium hardness, that’s why it works for both sleepers.
  • You want a bed that offers flexibility in terms of placement position; good for you. Puffy isn’t choosy and will comfortably fit even on the floor.

Who it’s not for:

  • Do you hopelessly find yourself sleeping on your stomach? Maybe a habit since you were young? You might need to turn some other way and consider other options.
  • You are a heavyweight who really wants it firm on the edges for extra support, go no further.
  • If alternatively, you don’t fancy the bed-in-a-box design that accompanies Puffy packaging, try other alternatives.

Puffy mattresses tend to be motion-transfer-oriented. Therefore, if you are looking for the buoyant feel, you might be quite disappointed.

What to Look for When Reading Reviews

Brand Warranty and Sleep Trial Period

Puffy comes with a 101-free days trial period where your product can be taken back at no extra cost. This is of course if the satisfaction wasn’t achieved. What’s more, as long as you are the original buyer, you have a life-long warranty assurance.

Firmness Feel

With firmness levels rated at a 6/10, this falls as medium firmness. You’ll, therefore, sink in just enough to provide the desired comfort. It also comes in as an exclusive way to keep motion transfers under control thereby creating amazing sleeping conditions.

Cooling Cloud

This is a 2.5-pound high density foam that’s specially infused with gel. It, therefore, offers a reliable airflow. Using concepts of convection and convention, you can rest assured of a really chill night – chill in the nicest way possible.

Pressure Adapting Cloud

The mattress is packed with a 1.5-pound dense base offering back support, durability and longevity. With pressure greatly controlled, you get to enjoy joint pain relief, better blood circulation, heightened energy levels and a natural spine alignment.

Mattress Construction

This is basically what makes a mattress awesome even before reviewing the price. With two layers: the first 3-inch layer acts as the coolant as it disperses heat evenly; the second 7-inch layer uses Insta-Firm tech to improve on response time and offering a solid base for the mattress.

So apart from the mattress construction, other qualities that you really need to consider when checking Puffy mattress reviews include the temperature regulation system, the firmness levels and hence pressure controls, and the exclusive trial periods, delivery systems and warranties attached to it. Have it the Puffy way!

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