DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

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It’s October!!! That means lots of DIY costumes being put together, and often some last minute changes to what everyone wants to be. This DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume is sure to be on any transformer loving little boy’s list of costumes. 

DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume You know in the past I’ve loved doing a family theme, but this year the kids didn’t want to get on board with that. So we’re all doing something a little different, but I still got to be creative! 

Inside Out Family Costume
Despicable Me Family Costume

While some of the kids are going to go through the dress ups we own and create their costumes out of that, I convinced Lincoln to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. It really didn’t take much convincing though. I mean he already has the Autobot costume, but wouldn’t it be more fun if he could actually transform into a truck? Thus, I got the opportunity to build an Optimus Prime Transforming Costume!

DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

Oh yes I did! I know there may be a lot of Mom’s out there wondering why I would go to such lengths, but you also all must think I’m pretty cool now too….right? Well, my kids think I’m cool at least. 

Here’s the thing though, I love Halloween. I love coming up with unique costumes that will really wow, if only for one day of the year. However, my artistic side is a bit lacking. So I called up my sister in law who is better with the art side of things.

It may have helped that I told her I would bring dinner if she would provide her creative skills. I knew I could do the engineering part, and Red Baron Pizza would take care of dinner, so I just needed her eye for detail. 

Save those pizza boxes for DIY Costume building

We did this yesterday. I had my kids ride the bus to her house, where we attempted to have everyone do homework while we worked on the Optimus Prime Transforming costume. 

While Renee and I worked, we sort of lost track of time. It’s easy to do when you’re spray painting boxes and mulling over the best way to add cardboard pipes. The time slipped past, and before I knew it we had definitely missed dinner time. It was OK though because Red Baron pizza cooks in under 20 minutes – one of the reason’s it’s what I brought for dinner. 

Red Baron for dinner after a day of crafting

I ran inside and got the pizza’s in the oven, checked on all the kids, and then while dinner cooked worked a bit more on Optimus Prime. When dinner was ready, the paint was all dry, so we brought it inside while we enjoyed our dinner. 

Similar to our different approach to costume, we all have a different approach to pizza too! I had requests for square cut and triangle. So I did a bit of each, and everyone was pleased. Red Baron’s Brick Oven Pizza has the perfect golden crust for cutting however you please. 

Red Baron pizza aquares

After dinner, we finished up, then tried it on before heading home for the night. Yes, it took a full day to create, but it was so very worth it! We got to hang out with family, enjoy some good pizza, and we may have convinced my nephew to go as Starscream – which means another day of DIY transformers building before Halloween hits!

Optimus Prime Transforming Costume


1 large box
2 medium boxes
2 paper towel tubes
1 large packing tube
1 Oatmeal container
Red, Blue, and Silver spray paint
Gorilla Tape
Exacto Knife
Hot Glue

DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

Instructions: These are just general instructions. If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out via comment, email, or facebook!

Use the large box to create the cab. Fit around your child, cut head holes and armholes. 
Use 1 medium box to create the hood. Cut one side off and the flaps. Attach over the head hole on the large box with gorilla tape, so that it can flip up when the child stands. 
Using the other medium box cut a piece to create the front grill. 
Measure your child’s legs and cut pieces to cover the back of the legs, creating a flatbed look. Score down the sides, so the cardboard wraps around the side of the legs. 
Cut the oatmeal container into 6 circles. Spray paint these black for the tires. 
Cut the packing tube in half. Spray paint the packing tube,  paper towel tubes, and grill silver. 
Spray paint the cab and hood blue and red to look like Optimus Prime. Add in some silver or black for the windows. 
Detail the hood with blue flames. 
Attach the tubes and tires with hot glue.
Create an Autobot stencil, and spray paint on the front chest. 
Using elastic and gorilla tape, create attachments for the leg pieces to attach to your child. We put one under the knee and one above the knee. 

DIY Optimus Prime Transforming Costume

Don’t forget to save those pizza boxes for your DIY costume build! They are great for cutting into details like the grill, leg attachments, and back flap!

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