Peanut Free No-Bake Cookies {Foodie Friday}

Peanut Free No Bake Cookies

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We absolutely love No-Bakes over here. Mark especially will request them more often than anyone else. I love that they are quick and easy to make, and have a semi-healthy twist with the oats.
Recently we’ve been trying to put weight on Prince L. We were worried he wasn’t gaining as much as he should. Since he isn’t one yet, my sister in law suggested we try Sunflower butter. It packs proteins like peanut butter but is safe for babies and anyone with a peanut allergy. Prince L didn’t much care for it, but Mark thought it was pretty good. So what did I do?  I turned our regular No-Bake recipe into a Peanut Free, with an extra boost of healthy, Cookie.
Peanut Free No Bakes
Have a nut allergy, but want to enjoy a no-bake cookie? Try these Peanut Free No Bakes.
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  1. 1/2 cup butter
  2. 1/2 cup milk
  3. 2 cups sugar, separated
  4. 1/4 cup cocoa powder (I use Rodelle Dutch Processed)
  5. 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  6. 1/2 cup Sunflower Butter
  7. 3 1/4 cups Oats
  8. 2 TBS Sunflower nuts
  1. Begin by chopping the sunflower nuts. If you have a food processor use that. I used the side of a large knife to press them down, and then spent a little time chopping them up finely.  Set aside.
  2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over medium-high heat.
  3. Turn the heat down to medium, and add the milk.
  4. Mix 1 cup sugar and the cocoa powder together.
  5. Add the cocoa, sugar mixture to the saucepan, and add the second cup of sugar.  Stir well.
  6. Bring to a full boil, and then time for 1 minute.
  7. REMOVE the pan from heat.
  8. Stir in the vanilla and Sunflower Butter.  Mix well.
  9. Add the oats and nuts.
  10. Spread some wax/parchment paper on your counter or table.
  11. Using a spoon, or cookie scoop, scoop balls of the mixture onto the wax paper.
  12. Let cool until hardened.
  13. Since we used Sunflower butter, they seem to be a little more sticky on the bottom.
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The Result
This was my first time trying out the Sunflower butter in a baking recipe. We all enjoyed them. There is a definite sunflowery taste to these cookies, but I also feel a little more satisfied with these. Instead of eating a handful in one sitting, just one of these really hit the spot and let me walk away feeling good. 
And of course the obvious plus here, is that I can serve these to anyone without worrying about Peanut Allergies!


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4 thoughts on “Peanut Free No-Bake Cookies {Foodie Friday}

  1. I love your no bake cookie great idea and my daughter has a peanut allergy so even better for us.
    I really liked the neat trick of the peanut butter cups in the brownie mix on your feature. Now there is a easy recipe that is a bit different.

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