Simba or Emma Mattress, Which is Better to Sleep On?

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Side by side comparison of the Emma and Simba mattress

Having a good night’s rest is not something we want; it is one thing our bodies need. A necessity rather than just a mere want. What constitutes good sleep? Having a proper workout? Eating healthy and at the right times? A good companion to see you through the night?

Sure, all these things may fall in peoples list of a good night. But what could be a better companion than a good mattress that offers you the support and comfort you deserve? What could be a better company than a good bed which will stand and hold for years?

Hence, deciding on a mattress becomes a crucial decision; one that will determine our health levels. And with new brands popping every day, you might find yourself spoilt for choice. Having reviewed a variety of mattress brands over the years, Emma Mattress and Simba Mattress brands particularly impressed me. Their unique composition and simplicity make them stand out as top notch and a definite choice for most people.

But even with these two, some may prefer one to another. So let’s have a light review on both of them.

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Simba Mattress

What makes the Simba mattress perfect for you?

Did you know the word ‘Simba’ is African Swahili for ‘Lion’? This 25 cm thick hybrid mattress has been optimized to give you the sleep you so much longed for. Some qualities I found after a Simba mattress review include:

  • A sleek cover with a stretchy polyester fabric that allows for airflow.
  • 4cm thick synthetic latex cover.
  • Pocket spring coils to improve on contours and offer a bouncy feel.
  • 5cm thick responsive memory foam layer that eliminates pressure.
  • A high density of 33kg/m3 sure to add on stability and ultimate durability.

Whom It Suits Best

You will opt for a Simba mattress if:

  • You either sleep on your back or side as lightweight stomach sleepers may experience pressure spots and end up uncomfortable.
  • Prefer a cooler sleep with hot spots reduced.
  • Seeking pressure relief with its composition assured to deliver just that.
  • Looking for a hybrid as Simba is a composition of synthetic latex, memory foam and coil springs; combined, you’ll wake up wanting to carry your mattress with you to your 9-5!

However, you shouldn’t opt for Simba if you are looking for an organic option as the foam is CertiPUR Certified. Also, if you desire a real firm feel, Simba may not work for you as it falls under soft mattresses with a medium firmness.

Emma Mattress

What makes the Emma Mattress perfect for you?

With a firmness valuation of 6/10, Emma best works for hybrid lovers who prioritize support and comfort. What’s more, it supports various kinds of sleeper; the stomach, back and side sleepers who opt to keep it cool during the night. This is as a result of the microcoils, foam and cover designed to allow for breathing space. It also has a traditional bouncy feel that breathes new life each morning making it one of its most exclusive features.

Nevertheless, Emma mattress is not suitable for people weighing more than 130 kilograms. This lot might experience support issues, ending up uncomfortable for most of the night.

More Qualities

Just like Simba, Emma mattress is 25 cm thick with 4 different layers. These are:

  • The cover which is 100%polyester making it very stretchy.
  • 4cm thick top comfort layer made of responsive Airgocell foam.
  • 2cm contour layer which consists of the conical pocket spring system.
  • A transition layer made of 3cm thick Viscoelastic memory foam that deals with pressure and pain relief.
  • A 16cm thick foundation.

Having given you the different qualities of these two unique mattresses, the ball is in your court. Choosing between these two identical mattresses is totally based on choice and preferences. However, as highlighted above, lightweights might opt to go for an Emma mattress as there will be no restrictions on the positions they decide to sleep with. So which mattress entices you personally?

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