Summer Car Care Kit and DIY Air Filter Change

Get ready for travel with this Summer Car Care Kit. #summercarcare ad

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Summer is coming, and with it a couple of fun trips planned. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape with this checklist and Car Care Kit.

Get ready for travel with this Summer Car Care Kit. #summercarcare ad This summer we’ve already got a number of trips planned, but the one I’m looking forward to the most is just Mark and I headed to Chicago for SoFabU On the Road. It’s going to be a blast and a half! The only problem is, we’ll be leaving my car for my mom to use with the kids, and taking his car. So what’s the problem, Adelina? Well, Mark practically lives in his car with the hours he works, and it’s gotten to be a bit of a mess. 

Clean our the car for a summer of fun! #summercarcare #ad With Fathers Day around the corner, and our trip shortly after that, I thought I’d be a nice wife and do a little car care for him. I started by putting together a car care kit, and then replacing the air filter.

The kit is small and fits nicely in his car, and will maybe remind him to clean up at least once a week. Here’s what I put inside –

  • Microfiber Towels
  • Q-tips
  • Duster
  • Air Fresheners
  • Ammonia/water spray

For a decent car detailing, this is all you need!  Fill a spray bottle with 1:1 Ammonia and Water. Use the q-tips to clean in small crevices around the car, and the microfiber to wipe down larger surfaces. You can also use this mix on the windshield and windows for a clear driving experience. Don’t forget to hang an air freshener to keep that new car smell. 

Keep the new car smell with this Summer Car Care Checklist #summercarcare #ad After you clean the inside of the car, don’t forget under the hood! There are a few simple things you can do at home, to keep your car running smoothly, and changing the air filter is one of the easiest. I prefer the FRAM filters, for the air and my oil.  Clean air in the engine keeps his car running smooth, and is really the engine’s first line of defense.

First, locate the air filter container in your car. Refer to your car’s owner manual if you need help finding this. Open the filter box, and remove the old filter. 

Replace air filter for a clean drive #summercarcare #ad The filter on Mark’s car is a simple latch, so I didn’t need any special tools. On my car, it’s held down with screws. Either way, you don’t need any expensive or weird tools to complete this, and it hardly takes 5 minutes to complete. Once you have the old filter out, replace with a new FRAM air filter from Walmart. 

Find FRAM Air Filters at Walmart #SummerCarCare #ad The trickiest part of this whole process for me, was getting the air filter box closed again. In mark’s car, it’s in a tight spot, so I kept pushing the filter out one side while trying to close it. Don’t get discouraged, though! Just make sure you watch all sides, so your filter is properly contained before securing the filter container.

DIY Car Air Filter Change #summercarcare #ad Having a clean air filter will improve your car’s performance overall through better horsepower, and increased acceleration which I know Mark will love! Similarly to how I can now love sitting in his car because the inside is clean too! 

You’re almost ready for a summer trip now! Before you go, make sure to check the oil, and get the kids involved with a car wash. Finally, you are ready to hit the road in a clean car, from inside to out. I can’t wait to hit up Chicago with Mark now!

Printable Summer Car Care Checklist #Summercarcare #ad

**Right Click to Download and Print this Checklist**

Where are you headed this summer? Check out these other Summer Car Care tips before you go!

48 thoughts on “Summer Car Care Kit and DIY Air Filter Change

  1. My husband is in charge of all the car stuff in the house & I Need to remind him to get our cars ready 🙂

  2. My husband is so particular about cleaning and maintaining our vehicles. He always checks our oil air filters, and spark plugs.

  3. Great overhaul for your car!! My car just spent two days at the shop and cost me a fortune, it better not need anything else but cleaning!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I need to get on this. i always forget about that air filter and I really shouldn’t. Thanks so much for the reminder

  5. I’m not so sure I’ll be heading anywhere this summer. If anything we’ll be going to an amusement park or some fairs. Either way, it’s always exciting.

  6. Definitely need to change my air filter, still have the original one in! Ohand clean up the car that i practically live in too!

  7. Little trees! I can still remember those things hanging in our car when I was little. Without it, our car could be messy!

  8. My car could use a little TLC right now too. It is dirty on the inside. I have a car care kit that I keep in the trunk for this reason.

  9. Ha, the inside of what your car used to look like is what mine looks like now. You have some great ideas here to get the car summer-ready and I’m definitely going to be resorting to your great advice.

  10. Wow..
    What a lovely post..Air filter change should go hand in hand with Oil filter change. My car is in a messy condition and all these tips will be extremely useful towards getting the car ready for summer travelling. Air freshener is a must to keep the bad odours away from the car. All the items in the car care kit mentioned are equally important and should be always available in the car while travelling. Nice blog.

    Thanks for sharing.Keep posting and Keep sharing.. 🙂

    Cortney G

  11. amazing on how we can save dollars on our car maintenance with these DIY car care tips. Thanks for sharing these summer car care tips.

  12. During summer, vehicle owners have to take care of few components for hassle free riding experience, which include battery, cooling system, tires, air filters, etc. As the post has given brief on air filter, I wish to put my view on it. The air filter hinders corrosive substances from entering the cylinders of the car’s engine, in which it would result in oil contamination and mechanical wear. Therefore, when you notice any malfunction in the part, you should immediately take it to a reputable service center to upkeep the condition of the car.

  13. For saving money your summer car care tips are just great. I am really impressed and must try to follow this guideline. Thanks for your great share.

  14. Your ideal vehicle will not be your best vehicle if it’s with out car accessories. Car accessories tend to be splendor enhancers which can be used in order to renovation the full look of a car. They can turn an ordinary auto into some thing mind-blowing. When you have that will extra cash to shell out, it is worth to embellish your vehicle with some elegant and stylish equipment.

  15. The vehicle’s motor relies on a meticulous air to fuel ratio in order to perform optimally. When the motor is on the bread line of the air, the proportion is then discredited and that puts more stress on the engine and its components. It is the air filter which helps in maintaining that proportion simply by trapping the smut that can injure your vehicle’s engine severely. So, it is better to replace the air filter in the first place, rather than replacing the whole engine after experiencing an irreversible damage. Apart from that, you should keep the summer survival kit in your vehicle’s trunk so that you can avoid the probability of getting stranded on the thoroughfares of summer.

  16. Seasonal maintenance is very much important for every car. In the summer season we have to take special care of our vehicle. During hot summer the air conditioning system needs to work properly. So we must check the level of coolant and if it’s level is found to be low , then we must add sufficient amount of coolant to the system. We also have to check the battery, tires, air filters etc. during summer. Air filter obstructs the corrosive substances from entering the car’s engine. When any malfunction is observed in air filter of a car, it must be taken to a reputable service center for replacement.

  17. Hello Adelina,
    You share a great information about summer car care. I love your lovely post. I read so many amazing things about your article and I enjoy reading it. Seriously, thanks for all these awesomeness. Keep update and keep more share.

  18. With so much complexity, it’s these electronic systems that are now more often likely to be at fault, and prove costly to fix. That’s why having a warranty could save you money.

  19. I think every body should care their car because it is a very important part of daily needs. so that I think this would help the car owner to take care their car. Thank you so much

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