Prep your winter car emergency kit before bad weather hits. ad
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Winter Car Emergency Kit

This winter car emergency kit has been made possible by meori. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  With winter, comes the potential for an emergency situation where you are stuck in the car. From minor accidents like fender benders to larger ones such as sliding off a slippery road and getting stuck in a snowdrift. […]

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When life doesn't go as planned, your attitude will make all the difference
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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

We can plan our life out all we want, but rarely does it ever turn out exactly as we planned, and sometimes it doesn’t even get close to the original plan. So what do you do? It’s all in the attitude, as I learned yesterday, but also the mental preparation. Yesterday morning my sweet friend […]

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Tips for meeting your neighbors before an emergency strikes

Meet Your Neighbors Before an Emergency Strikes

You never know when an emergency could strike close to home. Get out and meet your neighbors today. When you see emergency vehicles at your neighbors house, what do you do? You don’t actually know them. You wish you did because you want to be the kind of neighbor that knows everyone and is there to […]

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