The Best of 2012

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Yesterday I shared with you a review of our life in 2012. Today I’d like to share some of the favorite blog posts. I’ll start with the reader favorites. These are the posts that were visited most frequently in 2012 (minus any giveaway posts).

  1. After (sort of) Kitchen We started our year with a kitchen remodel. 257 of you came by to check out the almost finished result.
  2. Should Kids Share a Room? In a new meme we started this year, Think About It Thursday, I told 151 readers my thoughts on whether kids should share a room.
  3. Why I Wear A Dress to Church  This has been my personal favorite post all year.  In an attempt to share some deep personal feelings on my religion, and a stand against a movement that I disagree with. 151 readers stopped by to hear my thoughts. 
  4. Halloween Costumes  In October 148 readers came by to read my ramblings on Halloween Costumes. 
  5. Upcycled Receiving Blankets  In one of my few and far between sewing tutorials, I shared how I turned our old receiving blankets into a quilt.  142 readers have read, and hopefully found inspiration for making their own quilt.
  6. Cleaning Microfiber Couches  Periodically I’ll throw out some tips on Tuesdays. I pulled 136 of you in to learn how I clean my microfiber couch.
  7. You Never Lose Review  135 people were interested in my review of the new auction site You Never Lose, where you truly can never lose.
  8. DIY Drum Light  As part of our Kitchen/Dining Remodel, I made our own Drum Light. 114 readers came to see how I made it.
  9. Making a House a Home: All About the Attitude  In March 90 of you came by and read my epiphany over something my then 5 year old said.  
  10. Over the Sink Light  Finally 81 readers stopped by to see the light we added above our sink during the kitchen remodel.

Number 3 and 9 on this list were my absolute favorite posts to write this last year. I felt strongly about them both, and really let my feelings show.

There were a few other memorable moments this past year.

We enjoyed a new Link Party co-hosted with Diane from Simple Living and Eating – Foodie Friday! We plan on continuing this party through 2013 as we share more recipes, and enjoy all the food you’ve shared with us.
I attempted another party – Think About It Thursday – that didn’t really take off. For now, we’re going to put this one on hold.
Finally, my most memorable moment of 2012, was purchasing my own domain. Mark surprised me on Black Friday with  Our new online home.  Within the coming weeks, we’ll be switching out of blogger and finding a new server and blog platform.

Happy New Year
Thank you all for making 2012 a great year! 

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