Find your Tribe and Keep them Close

I totally got this! Find your tribe and keep them close to heart with #CentsofStyle new Tribe Necklaces

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This post is sponsored by Cents of Style. I received a Tribe Necklace in exchange. 

I totally got this you guys. 

This work from home, go to school full time, be a Mom and Wife, and deal with all day morning sickness Mom has totally got this! 

What could possibly go wrong?

I totally got this! Find your tribe and keep them close to heart with #CentsofStyle new Tribe Necklaces Haha, yeah that’s what you thought, right? Thank goodness for a tribe of family and friends! You know those people you can lean on, that no matter what won’t judge you. Sometimes they’ll tell you to buck up. Sometimes they bring you ice cream and binge watch the Hallmark Channel with you. 

They’re the people you celebrate your successes with, who don’t compare their life to yours. When you get an amazing promotion or life-changing event – they want to hear all about it, despite their own road blocks. 

Find your Tribe with a Cents of Style Tribe Necklace. ad

I’ve got a fantastic tribe who do just that for me, and this necklace from Cents of Style reminds me of them and helps me hang on through the harder times. 

I’m not a terribly social person. I love people, I love hanging out with others. I struggle knowing what to say, and how to keep conversations going, though. So I wore my Cents of Style tribe necklace to SoFabUOTR – my first ever blogging conference – and the confidence it gave me was fantastic! When I thought of bailing and just hanging around Chicago with Mark, I remembered the people behind me. The ones supporting me and my business venture. I recalled those who told me how excited they were I was doing this, and especially for my Mom who flew out to watch the kids so I could go.

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Who’s in your tribe? I’d love to hear about them in a comment!

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