Meditation: How to do it and Why it helps

Life overwhelming? Try these meditation ideas and learn to balance your life.

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I received a trial run of BrainTap Pro for mobile. All thoughts on meditation are my own.

When I went to a counselor for my post pardum depression, after a few sessions of just talking, we tried some guided meditation. As the counselor walked me through my mind, I came across a “door”. Behind this door I found myself – the girl I used to be before mental illness clouded everything.

When life gets overwhelming, try a little meditation. Get the why's and hows to do it.

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Since then I have been searching for some kind of meditation to help keep me grounded when things are going awry. These are a few of the meditation tools I’ve used over the year. We can all benefit from a little deep breathing and mind clearing once in awhile.

Ways to Meditate

Study the Scriptures. As a religious person, I find much comfort in studying the words of the Lord. This year I have been reading from The Book of Mormon and The New Testament. Often finding time to quietly read and ponder how these words can change my life, can be difficult. I’ve found the best way to get this time in, is to get up 30 minutes earlier then my kids. The time is spent focusing on something that helps me grow in knowledge, and focus on something that I feel makes me a better person.

Do Yoga. I’ve always loved the idea of yoga, but spent many days telling myself I couldn’t do it because I had no flexibility. Well, the thing about flexibility is that the more you push against the resistance, the more flexible you can become. Yoga focuses a lot on slow deep breathing. As you do this, you become more aware of your body and mind. You can even get your kids involved with my favorite youtube series – Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Guided Meditation. While I’ve found many helpful ways to meditate through finding time alone to study and then focusing through yoga, the best meditation I have found for me, has been Guided Meditation. Recently I tried out BrainTap Pro for mobile, and can’t get enough of it. BrainTap focuses on balancing your brainwaves for optimal mental health. Every session I’ve used has helped me feel re-energized, or get into a deep sleep. Every session of BrainTap is focused on helping you relax, reboot, and revitalize.
One night my 8 year old was really struggling to fall asleep, so we turned on some deep sleep BrainTap, and before we could blink she and me were both sound asleep. Now I get frequent requests for that “mind sleeping thing”.

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Why Meditation?

To meditate means to engage in mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness, or to focus on one’s thoughts. So why do we want to meditate? Is focusing on our own thoughts something we really want to do?

I say YES! When we can focus on our own thoughts, we can gain a deeper understanding of what drives us, who we are, and where we would like to go in life.

Life is very much a balancing act. Talk to any mother and you’ll hear them asking each other how they balance their lives. We seem to all be searching for the magic formula. Well, meditation can be that formula.

We can clear out all that noise. Life will still be there, along with everything we do, but with a clear mind we can see better what needs to be done and when. In other words, it’s a lot simpler to prioritize and move through life without feeling burdened if we have opened our minds to better understanding or “heightened spiritual state.”

How do you meditate? What is your favorite tool for clearing your mind.

6 thoughts on “Meditation: How to do it and Why it helps

  1. To meditate means to engage in mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness, or to focus on one’s thoughts. So why do we want to meditate? Is focusing on our own Yoga thoughts something we really want to do?

  2. I have been practicing mindful meditation for many years now. And I have reached a stage where a few minutes into it ushers in me a sudden rush of energy and makes me calm and active instantly. Meditations are really magical. They bring out so much hidden inside ourselves.
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