Il Volo: We Are Love. Music for the Holidays {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

Music for the Holidays I love this time of year. Have I mentioned that? It is one of my most favorite seasons, because of the feeling of love and caring in the air. There is a special kind of feeling around the holidays, most describe as the “Christmas Spirit”. I start getting the feeling about […]

Jack Franklin: Best Ties for Dad {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

The Necktie – it’s a classic gift we have all given our dad’s at some point in our lives. It’s useful, for some daily, and you can usually get a fun tie for cheap. The problem is, that’s exactly what they usually are – cheap.   If they’re not cheap, then you’ve probably paid more […]

Avon: Gifts for Women {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

Back around Halloween I got the chance to review and giveaway some Avon items. Prior to that I had never used anything from Avon. I’m excited to be bringing back more Avon for you! Kim started selling Avon this year, and I can tell she really enjoys what she does.  I wanted to get to […]

Keepsake Krochet {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

I love finding hand made gifts to give family.  I wish I could be the one making them, but there are some talents I lack.  I mean, we can’t all do everything; what a boring world it would be if we could. So whenever I can I like to support crafters in their talent. I’ve […]

For Girls Like You Magazine {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

When I was a kid, my aunt purchased a magazine subscription for me as a Christmas present. I don’t remember now what the magazine was, but I do remember how cool I felt getting this magazine every month. My sister received a subscription to American Girl Magazine, and between our two magazines we had a […]

BabbaBox from BabbaCo: Activity Box for Kids {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

I love gifts that engage parents and kids to enhance a childs learning. As a mom I know the importance of being the first teacher to my kids.  My very first blog was actually centered around this idea (3 Princesses and a Prince Academy).  I’ve tried a lot of different approaches to teaching my kids, […]

Chase Danger Super Spy: Author Interview {2012 Holiday Gift Guide}

Chase Danger Super Spy Mystery of the Special Sauce    32 pages of story and illustrations tell the tale of a 6-year-old-super-spy fighting villains to rid the world of their diabolical plans. Included is a 20 minute read along theater CD which brings all the action to life with a narrator, full cast of voices, […]

Juppy Momentum: The New Baby Walker {2012 Holiday Gift guide}

  Unlike traditional baby walkers The Juppy is a parent assisted baby walker which eliminates all of the dangers of walkers with wheels. The unique design eliminates the problems associated with similar products for example other parent assisted walkers do not have the crotch piece which is essential in keeping your baby from involuntarily lifting […]

2012 Holiday Gift Guide {Giveaway}

Welcome to Home Maid Simple’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway.   Throughout the year I’ve been blessed to try out many different products, and read some amazing books. At this time of year, I want to give back to you, my readers. You can follow links to reviews and Features from my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, […]