Finding Self Worth {Think About It}

Have you ever wondered why you matter?  Why should you care about things? Why should anyone care about you? Do you recognize yourself when looking in a mirror? I believe we all at times ask ourselves these questions. It’s part of our journey to become an individual with likes and dislikes. But most importantly I […]

Practice Makes Perfect {Think About It}

Practice Makes Perfect I seem to find myself teaching the kids this good bit of advice a lot recently.  At this very precious time in their lives, they are learning the value of doing something well, and the hard work it takes to accomplish something well.   I worry actually that if I become too […]

Look for the Helpers {Think About It}

I’m sure you have all seen this quote spreading around the Internet this week. I really fell in love with this sage advice.  It mostly reminded me of my mother and wisdom she would have imparted to me. Actually it’s very similar to the one piece of advice I’m always holding on to from my […]

Simplifying Birthday Parties {Think About It}

My kids are obsessed with birthdays. It’s probably a topic discussed at least once a day in our house. I’m not entirely sure why the fixation on this topic. I would love to say it’s because of how we celebrate.  After I posted about my daughters Jake and The Neverland Pirates party, I had a […]