Life overwhelming? Try these meditation ideas and learn to balance your life.
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Meditation: How to do it and Why it helps

I received a trial run of BrainTap Pro for mobile. All thoughts on meditation are my own. When I went to a counselor for my post pardum depression, after a few sessions of just talking, we tried some guided meditation. As the counselor walked me through my mind, I came across a “door”. Behind this […]

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How to care for your natural hair.
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How to Care for Natural Hair

This post is sponsored by The Good Stuff by All thoughts on natural hair care are my own. Let’s just get the elephant out of the room right now. I am a white woman that doesn’t fully know the struggles of the Natural Hair movement. Related Content: Hair Care Tips for Winter Ready Natural […]

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tips for choosing gifts for your husband.
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Tips for Choosing Gifts for Your Husband

This post on choosing gifts for your husband is sponsored by The Good Stuff by Opinions are all my own. Valentines Day is right around the corner, and so is my husbands birthday. The time for choosing gifts is at hand! Here’s a little secret though, I’m not very good at picking out gifts. […]

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Grandma's Danish Sugar Cookies is a family recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Grandma’s Danish Sugar Cookies

I received a copy of A Cookie to Celebrate by Jana Douglass for review. All opinions are my own. Grandma’s Danish Sugar Cookies is a family recipe passed down the generations. Family recipes. We cherish those meals passed down from generation to generation. The secret sauce, special ingredient, and particular ways to handle the food […]

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How to Dress Kids for Cold Weather

How to Dress Kids for Cold Weather is sponsored by The Good Stuff by and all opinions are my own. Related: Bundle Up In Style with These Winter Layering Tips Ah the cold. I love it. I decided I can’t live anywhere that it doesn’t get cold for at least part of the year. […]

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Spring Clean Your Carpet! Try these tips to keep your carpets nice all the time.
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Spring Clean Your Carpet

I received Carbona Carpet Cleaner in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions here are my own. Carpets, whether you love them or hate them, most homes have at least one room with carpet. We have exactly one room in our home, and it happens to be the room we hang out in the most. […]

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Couples Therapy beyond the counselors office.
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Couples Therapy Beyond the Counselors Office

This post on Couples Therapy beyond the Counselors Office is sponsored by All thoughts and opinions are my own. Let’s start by saying that beyond a few visits with our local religious leader (aka LDS Bishop), and seeing individual counselors, I have never actually gone to a couples therapy. I do believe counselors can […]

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Learning to love in a marriage when differences is arise, is not easy, but so very worth it.
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Learning to Love in a Marriage when Differences Arise

This post on marriage is sponsored by All thoughts and opinions are my own. Marriage is not a nice ride in the park. It’s much more like a roller-coaster ride with a wind advisory. You go up and down, and your body wants to move one way, while the inertia pushes you in another. […]

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Traveling with the family? Read these tips for a successful, stress free vacation.

How to Travel as a Family with Tips from an Experienced Family of Travelers

I absolutely love to travel. It seems many of my generation have this pull to travelling these days. However it’s not always easy when you have a family in tow. Read more about local travel in our Backyard Tourist series. Some of my favorite family memories were when we traveled somewhere – Washington DC, Quebec, […]

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Home Therapy That Can Help Your Mental Health

This article on Home Therapy is sponsored by Better Help. All opinions are my own. With that being said, I am not a medical professional and this article should not replace medical advice from a qualified professional. You all know by now that I have struggled with depression for a fair portion of my adult […]

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